LiveChess beta available now!

DGT LiveChess software for tournament broadcasting and management is completely new and greatly improved! It offers many new features for tournaments and home use. 

Much time and effort was spent, overhauling and rewriting the LiveChess software. DGT is proud to present the beta version with most of the new features included. The software is completely free to download and use. LiveChess significantly contributes to the success of your tournament. Read all about the new features LiveChess has to offer.

Persistent Chronological Record

Tournament management is made easy with the new “Persistent Chronological Record” whereby all board and clock events are recorded, timestamped and saved. This record is a great tool for arbiters as it gives precise insight into the timed history of all board activities, including player irregularities and clock actions.

With the new LiveChess, games can easily be reconstructed move by move. The available game information is extended with information like:

  • clock times
  • elapsed time between moves
  • result information (regular result, arbiter sanction, forfeit, flag fallen)
  • support for illegal moves (useful for youth competitions)

The event list within LiveChess is another new helpful tool. It notifies operators during the tournament for example when a clock stops running or when there is a connection problem, making it very easy for a single operator to monitor large numbers of boards.

In addition to standard PGN’s, LiveChess now also produces extended PGN’s that give extra tournament and game information. For example these so called e-PGN’s contain the recorded clock times. Using LiveChess the e-PGN’s can also be produced at home from the internal memory of your DGT e-Board.

LiveChess will always record everything. It minimizes the need for operator intervention and helps the arbiters to make better decisions when a problem arises or intervention is required. 

User Friendly Interface

LiveChess comes with a completely new user interface. It runs more smoothly and simplifies the set up for any tournament. Making use of modern components and figurines instead of K, Q, B, N, R notations. You will have your tournament ready to go in no time.


Broadcast your tournament anytime and anywhere

LiveChess software is built for Windows and MacOS as well as Linux. The games viewer is now fully compatible with HTML 5 for broadcasting games in a local network or online with support of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. The viewer can also be shown on mobile devices and tablets. Chess fans can now view your broadcasts anytime, anywhere, on any device.




DGT Cloud Service

A serious improvement in LiveChess is the optional cloud service. The cloud service makes live broadcasting of chess games both for tournaments and for private use, easier than ever before.  You no longer need to have your own server to host the live broadcasting. DGT offers you the option to use the cloud to host your live games. Finished games will be saved and available in the cloud server for up to two weeks. The number of viewers is limited but this cloud service will definitely save you time and the hassle of setting up your own server. The cloud service is not yet operational in the beta version but will be up and running with the release version of LiveChess.

Full support for Chess960

LiveChess now fully supports Chess960 and Chess960 games and tournaments can be broadcast live via the internet. Any valid Chess960 starting position is recognised. Game reconstruction with Chess960 is operational and of course the castling rights are correctly implemented. Now LiveChess can be used to set up your Chess960 tournament with ease.

Available today, built for tomorrow

The mentioned technological enhancements of the new LiveChess opens many paths for further potential future improvements  such as timed delay of the broadcast. LiveChess will be updated regularly with more features so keep checking for any updates.

E-mail your feedback and reactions on the LiveChess beta version to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the LiveChess beta version English Manual here


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