DGT timers for the ancient game of Go

DGT clocks are used for chess, draughts and many other games. But did you know that DGT clocks are also programmed for Go?

The ancient two-player game of Go (or Baduk as it is often called) is very popular all over the world and particularly in South-East Asia where it originated 2500 years ago. 

The timing systems used when playing Go are quite different from Chess. The timing systems are called Byo-yomi timing systems and several DGT clocks are programmed with Byo-yomi options.

Generally speaking this works as follows:

Go players start with a certain amount of thinking time (for example one hour) and every time when it is their turn their clock will be counting down. When their main time has run out, the player gets a small amount of time for each remaining move (for example 30 seconds).

The Japanese term Byo-yomi literately means “counting the seconds”. In a Byo-yomi period the time is called out by an observer in intervals. The less time is left, the smaller these intervals become. In most cases during the last 10 seconds the time will be called out every second.

Both the DGT2010 and DGT3000 timers have pre-set options as well as manual settings for traditional Byo-yomi and Canadian Byo-yomi timing options used in Go or Baduk. The DGT1005 was even developed for Go and Shogi only!

Timer Option No. Main time Byo-yomi periods
DGT2010 Option 26 60 minutes Japanese Byo-yomi, 20 seconds per move, repeating
Option 27 120 minutes Japanese Byo-yomi, 30 seconds per move, repeating
Option 28 Set manually Japanese Byo-yomi
Option 29 60 minutes Canadian Byo-yomi of 5 minutes
Option 30 Set manually Canadian Byo-yomi
DGT3000 Option 19 60 minutes Canadian Byo-yomi of 5 minutes
Option 20 60 minutes Japanese Byo-yomi, 20 seconds per move, repeating
Option 26-30 Set manually Canadian or Japanese Byo-yomi
DGT1005 N/A Set manually Japanese Byo-yomi

The Go timing options are just a few of the many different options on the DGT2010 and the DGT3000. If you want to know what your DGT clock is capable of check our online time option overview. 


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