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Friday, Jan 30th

Last updateMon, 19 Jan 2015 8am

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For Developers

This section contains information for software developers.

Current Status

We continously get new ideas for products, enhancements and other things. As we have a small team, necessary technical skills are not always immediately available and take some time to get. Especially with software. If you have the skills and want help with creation of software or you have a solution available, don't hesitate to contact us. This could be an opportunity for you!


DGT e-Board DLL

The DGT Electronic Board DLL provides developers with an easy way to support the board and clock in windows applications. Besides this advantage, it is advisable to use the DLL for reasons of easy upgrading and after-market support.

The DLL uses the single board protocol and works with the Serial DGT Electronic Board and the new USB DGT Electronic Board.

Linux / MacOS developers:
Please take a look at the dgtnix project by Pierre Boulenguez at

Also we have example code on our website. However at the moment this is not yet compiled under Linux or Mac OSX, although the used libraries are available for all platforms.

Take a look at the special download section for developers. There several examples and descriptions are posted.

Open Source Driver

For Un*x and Mac OS X there is at this moment no driver available from DGT. However there is an Open Source driver available for Linux: We know that this driver does not work correctly with Mac OSX at the moment.

Programs that work with this driver are:

PGN Clock Times Extension

Standard: Portable Game Notation Specification and Implementation Guide
Revised: 8 September 2001
Status: Final draft
Authors: Alan Cowderoy (Palamede), Ben Bulsink (DGT Projects), Andrew Templeton
(Palamede/Palview), Eric Bentzen (, Palamede), Mathias Feist
(Chessbase), Victor Zakharov (Chess Assistant).
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Introduction

PGN is a combination of a formal specification for computer use with easy
readability and manipulation by humans has firmly established it as the data
format of choice for representing chess games. This is a major success and a
tribute to the quality of the work done by the original authors.