DGT960 trouble-shooter tips


Symptoms DGT960
Display remains empty when switched on
  • Check the condition of the batteries or try new batteries.
  • Check if the battery clips make sufficient contact with the battery. Check the battery connection strips and bend them slightly to the center. Lift the center connection terminal a bit.
The clock makes a rattling noise when shaken
  • It is normal that the red switches have a some space to move which may cause limited noise.
One segment of the display stays blank.
  • Replace the clock.
The switching of the lever or pushing the player buttons (960) has no effect.
  • Replace the clock.
One of the buttons on the front does not work properly.
  • Replace the clock.
The clock is not standing on all 4 rubber pads and unstable.
  • Due to the nature of this foldable clock it is likely that it may "wobble" a bit when buttons are pressed.


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